Hi, everybody . . .

My name is Anna, and I'm kind of new to Hellsing, though I've read all of the manga up to number nine. I'm also pretty new to manga in general, but not to yaoi! I love Alucard/Walter, though sadly, I can't find very many fics with it. Normally I'd write some to compensate, but I've been suffering from a months-long bout of writers block and I can't think of any ideas at all.

But, there seems to be a lot of good stuff here, so I'm going to get to reading.  :)
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long time lurker now joined

hiyo! the name is Sam and I've been a Hellsing veteran since '98 [thank my friends who had access to the untranslated scans back in the day! lol] and a shipper of AxW when I...found out about the Dawn [*blush*] I personally just think the thought of these two being together is a sight lovelier [and maybe a little less insane] than some other pairings...a heh...

anyways! lovely to find everyone here!


Hi there!
I found you via google, while searching for some Girlycard Doujinshi and stumbeld over this community and wow, it's such a lucky find!
And hey, when beeing friendly and like a little family is in the rules I just feel so happy to join you!
It will take some time until I can post some artworks, but I'm mindworking on it!

Oh and..some Info about me would be nice, right?

my Name is Sarah, I'm 18 and from germany, so don't mind my horrid english, you're always welcome to correct me ; )
That's all.

Happy to meet ya all <3
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(no subject)

I’ve liked the AxW pairing for some time now, but only recently found this community.
I’m not confident enough to write fics in English (all of my fics are written in German), but I still hope I can contribute something to this comm. :)

(no subject)

Well, now I'm terribly excited. A week ago this pairing jumped into my head in the context of 'strange pairings', and the more I thought about it, the more sense it seemed to make. Then, lo, I find Hellsing: The Dawn, and start looking in vain for any sort of decent fic, and this community appears!

So I've joined, and now I'm introducing myself. My name's Kat, and I'm really terrible at these introduction things. Suffice it to say that I enjoy good vampire mangas almost as much as I enjoy well-written fic. Looking forward to meeting people and hopefully reading some good work while I'm at it! Who knows, I just might write. =)
Allen flower

Hi there

I'm here to introduce myself in hope of getting some good AxW.
I'm pretty new to this fandom, but seriously in love...
Well, I will do by best to me more then just a lurker and actually contribute something...
even though I'm not all that sure if I will manage to do so...
Anyway, I'm really happy to have found this community^^
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Well, not really. Long-time fan, long-time lurker, but just joined today! Hi guys!  *waves* The name's Schu; I'm a shy but rather nice fan-fic writer, cosplayer and conworker (read: nerd.  *g*)

I'm currently working on a WxA fic (a.k.a The Fic That Ate My Life), which, like all my fics, is turning into something as long as Dallas, but hopefully with a better plot. If I ever finish it, I promise to post it.  ;)

Schu over and out!
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