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the Alucard x Walter community
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Alucard x Walter Community

Issylyrical_israfel(has been asked to take the place of Creep) promotion, webdesign, layouts for the community and community info.
Darker She Saiddarker_she_saidMonitoring posts, FAQ, graphics designer, icon designer, banner designer, artist.
DreadnotdreadnotOur resident expert on Walter Dornez and all things related to him, also well-versed in AxW, and happy to answer any questions or give opinion if you ask.

Alucard x Walter Community

This community, alucardxwalter , is a place for fans of the Hellsing pairing of Alucard and Walter in ALL of its forms to gather, share art, fan fiction, cosplay pictures and just talk and ask questions or hangout with other people that share the same love of the pairing.

If you have reached this community and know nothing about Hellsing or its characters, here are some links that will help you out:

Everything you need to know about Hellsing

Where you can read the entire Hellsing manga

Love our Community? Show your support! Members can go here and get a banner for their website, journal info, et cetera.

Please read all the RULES before joining!

First and foremost, we promote a kinship/family type atmosphere here. Although the community may grow large, the moderators feel a bond and friendship and family type atmosphere between members is something that most communities or clubs strive for. Please do your very best to uphold this atmosphere with your fellow mods and members.

In lieu of our family type atmosphere, we request (not demand) that you introduce yourself when you join. It's all right if you do not have any picture or fanfic to post, just say a quick hello and tell people what to call you by. Likewise, if you are not busy, and you see a new member post, please welcome them and say hello in comment of their introduction post. It makes people feel less like strangers and more like they have entered a warm and inviting place to share their interests and in this case, favorite pairing. :)

This is not a popularity contest, a heated debate forum, and most definitely not Monty Python's Room 12 A for Arguments. Please be courteous and kind to your fellow AxW shippers, and do not start drama. We're all friends here.

It is obvious but we need to state it in the rules any way: This is an Alucard and Walter community. Not Walter and Hans or Alucard and Integral. No posts about or involving other pairings are permitted in this community. However, no bashing of other pairings or fandoms is allowed.

This community will contain exclusive members-only art, fan-fiction and doujinshi scans which will be friends-locked. These items are not to be distributed elsewhere, not even in your personal journal. What is the point of having a community if non-members can see everything?

All manga & doujinshi scans, cosplay pictures, artwork and fan-fiction should be placed under an lj-cut, and make sure it is friends locked so that only members may see it. (If you do not know how to do these things, please consult livejournal's FAQ for instructions.) Furthermore, all items of an explicit nature should be labeled Not Work-safe (NWS). Any regular posts containing questions, discussions or general information may remain public.

If you have suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the moderators. If you have questions feel free to ask, but please read the FAQ (coming soon) before addressing the moderators.

You get one chance and one chance only here. If you flame, harass, bad-mouth or victimize any of your fellow members or moderators, you will be deleted and banned, and added to the list of stupid mother f*ckers.

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